“CrossFit Legatus”

Why Legatus?

Legatus has many definitions for us at Legacy 517. It is the Latin root word for Legacy. The Legatus was also a General in the Roman Army, however my personal favorite is described in:

2 Corinthians 5:20

Therefore, we are ambassadors on behalf of Christ, God, as it were, making his appeal through us. We implore on behalf of Christ, “Be reconciled to God!”
“we are ambassadors.” We are “ambassadors” in that we speak for Christ. Christ is in heaven, and we are his representatives here on earth.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone — people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.- Courtesy of CrossFit, LLC.

Meet Our Coaches

Elizabeth “Ninja” Kirchmeier

Elizabeth has a CF-L1, CF-L2 and has been training and coaching both fitness and Brazilian Jiujitsu since 2009. She has competed in multiple different competitions including, 5k runs, Triathlons and CrossFit competitions. In her spare time Elizabeth enjoys training and competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu and spending time with her husband Joshua, son Stephen and 5 dogs (Gunner, Gracie, Micah, Murphy and Ammo).

Joshua Kirchmeier

Joshua has a CF-L1 and has been involved in Strength and Conditioning programs since playing sports in high school. For the last 8 years he has been training CrossFit and competing in various competitions including CrossFit competitions, half marathons, Jiujitsu and 5k runs.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Elizabeth, son Stephen and five dogs (Gunner, Gracie, Micah, Murphy and Ammo).


Nicky started her career as a Dental Assistant 14 years ago. Then in 2019, she became a mother to their beautiful daughter and now has the pleasure of focusing on her family.

During this time with her family Nicky has decided to pursue another career as a fitness and wellness coach. She started her own fitness journey 5 years ago and has been involved in Crossfit training and competing for 3 of those 5 years. Nicky currently holds the CF-L1 certification.


Miame has a CF-L1 and is a former D1 basketball athlete from Western Michigan University.  She graduated with her Bachelors in exercise science with a focus on strength and conditioning. Miame has a passion for working with athletes in building confidence, motivation, and helping them see their full potential. She excels in developing skills in perseverance, discipline, and work ethic. Miame is also a wife, mom of 3 and the owner of Miame Jarrett Photography. She is excited to help athletes achieve their goals and helping them grown physically and mentally. 


Hi my name is Steve Cavill, I have been involved with the Health and fitness community since high school. While in high school I participated in Power Lifting and body building, along with other sports. I began a formal lifting program after graduation and continue to follow the skills and technique I learned. I have coached others in various stages of their lifting to achieve their goals. In 2005 I married my wife Lyndsey and in 2008 we had our one and only daughter.

I began CrossFit in 2014, after watching the CrossFit Games. I was extremely intrigued. I learned quickly one can be strong, but they must also be fast. Since starting CrossFit, I have competed in the OPEN, and various competitions throughout the state. I have had a first place and third place finish. My favorite thing about the competition aspect is it allows me to see what skills I need to improve to be a better me and person for that matter. In 2020 Lyndsey and I decided we would like to focus more on the health aspect of Strength and Conditioning. Joining Legacy517 allowed us to focus not only on getting stronger and faster but our eating habits. (I love ice cream and pizza). The community also welcomed our daughter and allowed her to begin the journey of health, strength and mobility. I enjoy watching others conquer their goals, get faster and stronger everyday.


Jocelyn grew up playing volleyball and soccer competitively as a youth and into college. After having children and moving to Jackson she then found CrossFit. After doing group classes for three years, she started to consider coaching others because of how CrossFit impacted her life – creating a shift in mentality from “how I looked and how much I weighed” to having more strength-based goals. She especially loves to work with women who are new to the sport – helping them also find a healthier mentality about exercise and body image.

As both an apprentice trainer and semi-competitive CrossFit athlete, she considers herself more of a generalist but consistent with most movements. She began the apprentice program in the fall of 2021 and is most excited as she embarks on this journey to help others learn as they begin on their CrossFit journey.

Jocelyn has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Iowa State University. She holds designations in the Wealth Management/Financial Planning Industry and is excited to continue building on her education after passing CF-L1, CF-L2 and the Apprentice Program. Jocelyn and her husband Josh are both active people along with their children Brylee and Harrison whom you may see around the gym with her often.


My name is Rebecca Huyghe. I am a nurse at Michigan Medicine. Health and fitness are two things that I am very passionate about. Three years ago I found CrossFit, I fell in love with the workouts and the challenges. I never knew I could work with a barbell or would even do a pull up. CrossFit has been a wonderful experience. It has provided me with strength and endurance to keep me going in my day to day life.

I joined CrossFit Legatus in MArch of 2021 after spending 2020 working out alone in the garage. I really wanted a coach that was present and would push me. The coaches here continue to do both. I am honored to be a part of the apprenticeship program here at Legacy. I have gained so much knowledge from classes and shadowing. I recently became a CrossFit Level One Certified trainer. I have completed online CrossFit classes such as spot the flaw and scaling. I have been able to incorporate these lessons into my workouts. The science behind CrossFit has been valuable for my growth as well. I look forward to helping more people with their goals.


Hi I’m Lyndsey! I grew up playing several different spors, however competitive cheer stole my heart. IN 2016 I joined a CrossFit gym after my husband and I decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes. CrossFit only made coaching cheer that much easier. I had the stamina and strength to keep up with my athletes. Once I realized CrossFit was something my whole family could do together, I was all in! steve, our daughter and I make sure to get lots of workouts in together.

I love that CrossFit overlaps into our everyday movements like sitting in a chair uses movements similar to squatting. Picking up packages is similar to the deadlift. One thing I am always thankful for is that in an emergency I could get my family out of the house and to safety. The physical health that comes with CrossFit is immeasurable to the aesthetic changes that occur naturally.

I am a civil servant for the state of Michigan and have been so for 16 years. I love protecting our community and now I am blessed enough to get to strengthen it as well. I love serving others and having an impact on those around me.


After years of working out at several different gyms, Jaime found CrossFit in 2018 at 41 years old, and hasn’t looked back. As a Masters athlete, she feels strong, is able to do things she never thought possible and appreciates the changes CrossFit has made to her body. She has a passion to help people make changes in their health, fitness, and improve their everyday lives.

Jaime has earned a CF-L1 and has competed in several CrossFit competitions over the years and looks forward to make a difference helping others see their own potential with the sport and helping them to be the best version of themselves.

Jaime has a Bachelor in Business as well as several certifications for her daily job. She lives in Jackson with her husband Keith, who is also a CrossFit athlete.

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